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the Sr. JV vs. Soph JV duel heats up for the boys and some girl history!!!

Posted Thursday, September 30, 2010 by Mike Hout
Here are the results of the Senior JV boys vs. the Sophomore JV boys from the Fairmont meet........1:03.16 to 1:03:34 - the Seniors win by a scant 18 seconds.  Plus, with Cody McKinley running #7 for the varsity, that presents another new problem with the title of this rivalry. 

Anyway, congrats to the Senior JV boys.  After the 12th grade JVs established dominance over the 10th grader JVs in the early part of the season, the younger runners came back.  In fact, the Soph JV'ers won the last two editions of this duel until Fairmont.  Good running sophomores Captain Cody McKinley, Matt Me Box Coggeshall, Colin "the skull" Scully and Billy Wilder Scheid.  The "old man's squad" of Greg "PR" Pelfrey, Dallas Texas Bolton, Colin Taylor Swift and c'mon Mark Garrett will have their hands full trying to keep up with the sophomores in the future.  Dallas points out that the three favorite words for a cross-country runner are "READY.  SET.  GO."

We are still working on the name of the first girl to ever run cross-country at Miamisburg.  The high jump record holder for Miamisburg (at 6 feet 7 inches) also plays the trumpet and played with Mike "pastor" Hout in the alumni band.  He is the one who brought up the subject of a girl who ran with the boys cross-country team in 1974.  He thinks her first name was Beth and he is looking her up.  This could be a big bit of trivia for our sport and a significant part of our history!!!

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