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Fairmont Invitational - Neil Charske's meet!

Posted Saturday, October 02, 2010 by Mike Hout
The official results are in and they confirm that Miamisburg XC knows how to run a good meet.  They not only got the meet in while the weather was nice (before all the rain hit) but they also know about good team running and people picking up for each other.  We had lots of personal bests and for those who didn't feel like they did that well we had several others who pushed to help out along the way.

The boys team was led by prs by Michael Melko (who impressed by running toe to toe with the top three Elder runners from their #1 ranked team in the state), Josh Myers (who keeps surprising with more and more great efforts), Jonathan Steingass (a few seconds here for a pr and a few seconds there for another pr week after week), Austin Cassidy (inching ever closer to the 17's), Cody McKinley (getting stronger every day), Greg Pelfrey (another pr for Mr. PR) and Chris Vanderhorst (nice running considering he has had to miss a lot of practice because of his golf prowess).  Who did I miss?

The girls faced some of the top teams in the state and came away with some more terrific results.  The coaches met a lot of new people at the start when they asked everyone in sight for some chewing gum for Jordan Townsley.  She didn't need gum as she placed high without the chew.  Laurie Wilson ran a pr despite having her shoes untied.  Stephanie Jensen ran a pr despite having her shorts on backwards.  Mallory Shanhouse somehow knocked off a few more seconds from her pr without any drama.  Did I miss any other unusual situations?  Oh yea, there were two unusual looking guys running around with blue paint all over their body.  Interestingly enough, they had the numbers of two of our girls on their chest and back.....the numbers of Victoria Ayers and Nicole Ayers!

It was great to meet the meet namesake at the starting line before one of our races.  Congrats to Neil Charske who coached so many years at Fairmont and is a good friend with many of the adults connected with the Miamisburg program.  You will have to hear some of his stories of working as an official at the Olympics!

Here are the official results from the meet:

And here is our website on Ohio Milesplit with a special web page for every runner:

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