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for you coach J - C'Ville Stampede results

Posted Saturday, October 09, 2010 by Mike Hout
We hope you are having a good time at your reunion in Virginia, Coach Johnson.  We missed you in Centerville today.  Everyone tried to take up the slack but it wasn't the same without you.  Thanks for the extra coverage by Coach Jenny, the leaders on the team, the clean up crew and even Billy who went out of his way to lead the taking down of the tents.

We so wanted to report lots of personal bests but the weather was, of all things, too warm.  Who could have believed this for October?  Everyone gave it their best shot but all the times were affected by the heat.

The boys varsity finished 5th out of 17.  The girls varsity results are not correct yet.  It was impressive to watch the Glen Este runner who might be the best in the state - Michelle Thomas.  A blue man was spotted cheering for the 'Burg runners.  This has to be the best blue man outfit yet by ex-runner Josh Ayers!  Speaking of ex-runners.....Stephen Steingass came along to cheer on the squad.  And when the meet was nearly over Greg Roeth was spotted running around the outside of the course with some of his University of Dayton teammates.  Later in the evening people were heading to Bob Evans to celebrate Cody McKinley's birthday.  Donnie would be the first to point out how interesting it is that his birthday is the same as John Lennon, who would have been 70 today! 

After the meet, Hout stopped for a quick meal at Chipotle.  He ended up eating with the xc team from Hilliard Bradley.  He was also happy to reflect up a day that allowed him to see an ex-athlete of his...Eric Acton.  He has now been the xc coach at Bexley High School for nearly two decades.  Hout also chuckled upon the fact that the guy who drove the cart ahead of the lead runner in each race was a guy from his old congregation in Kettering.  But what made him laugh the most were the t-shirts worn by the workers at the meet.  He couldn't help but be humored that they said "Field Marshall" and the second word was spelled wrong......with two L's instead of one!

The official results are here:

Here are the 3 mile split times taken by Mike Hout:

Girls JV
22:55 - Lydia
24:10 - Jackie
24:16 - Ayanna
24:59 - Harlie
dnf - Keneisha

Boys JV
20:21 - Chris
21:04 - Colin S.
21:15 - Dallas
21:40 - Clark
22:23 - Colin T.
22:20 - Mark
22:37- Billy

Girls Varsity
19:30 - Jenna
20:19 - Jordan
21:26 - Brittany F.
21:40 - Stephanie
21:55 - Brittany S.
22:25 - Mallory
22:51 - Laurie
23:03 - Stephanie
23:34 - Nicole
23:37 - Victoria

Boys Varsity
16:03 - Michael 
16:44 - Donnie 
16:55 - Quinten 
17:28 - Jonathan 
17:37 - Josh
18:58 - Elliott 
18:56 - Austin
19:25 - Cody
19:59 - Matt 
20:25 - Greg

And don't forget to check out the following website with a page for each of our runners:


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