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regional results from Troy

Posted Saturday, October 30, 2010 by Mike Hout
We have had some nice weather for running this fall.  Saturday in Troy for the regionals was no exception.  The boys were set to run a little after noon and it was a colorful sight with lots of thrills as we heard cheers and yelling from other races.  Unfortunately, there were some gusts of wind and one of them blew the giant tent next to us into our brand new tent.  Our poor piece of canvas didn't stand a chance.  We were ready to give that team a good tongue lashing but then we saw them celebrating.  It was Springfield Shawnee and they finished second in the Division II race.  They all had nice medals and a great trophy.  I couldn't help but be happy for them, despite the loss of our tent.

Their results can be found at:

The boys went out and gave it a good go against some very stiff competition, with four teams from our region ranked very high in the state.  Even Centerville, as good and deep as they are, could only finish a non-advancing 5th.  Our runners hung in there and finished the highest in the regionals of any team in school history.  It was nice to not finish 15th (like the last couple of years) but we had dreams of placing higher than 12th.  Still, Beavercreek was 10th and Carroll was 11th so 12th is maybe about where others might expect us to be.

Here are the boys results:

I wasn't able to see the girls race as I had to be back in Miamisburg for a wedding (Matt Muncy's sister).  After the wedding I was able to see the final results of the girls.  It looks like they also did all they could but it was a tough course with some tough competition.  I am anxious to hear more about the race but right now I can report that they finished 14th.  The sad news is that none of the boys or none of the girls advanced to the state meet.  This will be the first time we have not had anyone in the state meet for at least three years.  We will just have to start a new streak next year.

And the girls final results are here:

Some Miamisburg regional history......the 2007 girls team still holds the school record for the best ever finish - 9th!

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