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quotes from the season & Happy Birthday Melko!

Posted Thursday, November 04, 2010 by Mike Hout
Jonathan Steingass and Quentin Mullen stopped by our high school youth night at St. Jacob.  During the course of the evening we started talking about some of the quotes of the year and Michael Melko's upcoming birthday.  The word on the street is that Melko loves Sky Line Chili and once ate eleven hot dogs!  Here is a list of other things we talked about.....

-Coach J to Hout: have they been stretching?  Hout to Coach J: what part of their body?

-did they start without me?

-my shorts are on backwards

-does that say Luck on my back?

-where are Melko and Mee?

-smell my sock

-who is Prefontaine?

-go black horse white tail

-somebody has been taking Centerville track pieces

-eight eggs!

-look at those guys in blue

-somebody's got a loafin' stick

-Elliott has a twin?

-you mean you don't want us to swim?

-who had the sunflower seeds?

-what's in my shorts?

-Centerville can't spell!  Field Marshall is only one L!

-c'mon markgarrett (one word-markgarrett)

-got any gum?

-snow at Troy

-who is the vomit king?

-Springfield Shawnee's tent attacked ours

-staring at people at Olive Garden

-who was in those outdoor toilets last?

-who is throwing rocks at the toilet?  (or any of a number of other comments about those things)

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