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Year End Awards Banquet

Posted Wednesday, November 17, 2010 by Mike Hout
Some of what happened at the banquet was expected.....like MVPs Michael Melko and Jenna Parlette as well as the great food.

Some of what happened at the banquet was not expected.....like the notes from some of the athletes and the nice parting "time shot" for the coaches.

All of this went together to make for an eventful evening of cross-country fun and fanfare.  There were lots of special awards like most improved Billy Scheid & Josh Myers (for the boys) along with Stephanie Jensen & Harlie Richardson (for the girls).  There were also lots of fun awards like the "diaper award" presented to Quentin Mullen (who subsequently donned the diapers).  The awards were many and varied and shared by the coaches in a number of different ways.  

Special touching moments were when the boys were given their league championship t-shirts and when Coach Jenny gave the list of ups and downs for team MVP Jenna Parlette.

Pastor Hout especially enjoyed showing Little J how to make balloon animals and then shooting one off at a screaming Laurie Wilson!

What were some of your memories? 

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