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Runners Reunion at the 'Burg Turkey Trot

Posted Thursday, November 25, 2010 by Mike Hout
I have several big stilt walking jobs in the next couple of days so I decided to take it easy on Turkey Trot day.  It didn't matter as I couldn't have run the five miler anyways.....legally!  Can you believe there were so many people who signed up that they closed out the registration for that event?  That's 8000 runners!  I lined up with everyone, did the first mile and then walked back cheering in the runners.  There was lots of good people watching and I thought I would jot down some of the people I saw:

alumni like....
Megan Wright, just back from the nationals!
Greg Roeth
Sam Condron
Eric Myers
Stephen Steingass
Joel Friedly
Michael Jakowski
Jon Garrett's mom and dad

team members like.....
Michael Melko
Donnie Whyte
Quentin Mullen
Jonathan Steingass
Collin Taylor
Elliot Zech
Quentin Mullen's dad
(3 days after the race I saw Matt Coggeshall and he said he was in the Turkey Trot also.............sorry I missed you Matt-Me-Box!)

famous runners like....
the Storage twins (Beavercreek) who have run for United States teams
Jordan Redd (Fairmont) who ran in the state xc meet
the AD from Wright State - Bob Grant!
Mario and Luigi
the cast from the movie "The Incredibles"
lots of turkeys and turkey hats

people from my life....
some I baptized
some I confirmed
some I married
some I had funerals for their relatives
some from old youth groups
some from former congregations
some I have juggled with
some of the most amazing age group runners I know like Bob Bell (who started Bell Vault and Monument Company)

When it was all over, I was standing in the water line with my wife and I noticed how foggy it was starting to get.  Then I realized it was all steam coming from the runners!  My wife grabbed a bottle of water and took a drink and started complaining.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong until she pointed to the crack in her bottle that was allowing water to run down her face and her clothes.  Yep, it was a fun day at the 2010 Miamisburg Turkey Trot.

Here is their website with lots of information and results:

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