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Lions Club Cross-Country 5K - a nice day!

Posted Saturday, July 16, 2011 by Mike Hout
I don't have all the results but I do know the weather results were great.  Last year at this meet the humidity was high and the sun was beating down on everyone.  I did not run last year but went home and collapsed from the heat.  Because of the cooler weather, this year I did run.......well, I should say I walked!  What a thrill to take home the gold medal for my age group even if I was the only participant.  The University of Dayton was there and they cleaned up with the overall winner (Chris Lemon) and overall second (our very own Greg Roeth).  I remember some of the results.  Jenna Parlette received a medal and went out to fun four more miles.  John Steingass did not medal but he ran six before the race.  The Anna Flores won her age group with Rachel Flores second.  Grace Steingass took home a medal.  Quentin Mullen had the fastest time for the guys and I think he got a medal.  I know that Coach Johnson's wife also got a medal.  Impressive runs were turned in by Curtis Carmack and Elliott Zech.  Nice first time runs were Michelle Pressell and Christina Steingass.

Who did I miss?  Please tell me! 

The family with the most medals had to be the Lemon family.  As was already mentioned, Chris was the overall winner.  His twin brother also got a medal along with their sister, a younger brother and even their dad!

The second best father/son combination may have been Cole Supp and his dad.

A little bit of trivia is that the U.D. cross-country coach won his age category.

Many thanks to the Lions Club for all their work in organizing and putting this race on.  Did you know the starter for the meet was Miamisburg Mayor Dick Church?  Thanks also go to Coach Johnson for his work and to Coach Jenny who put in three hours marking the course. 

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