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Dayton Dragons and an XC adventure

Posted Sunday, July 24, 2011 by Mike Hout
It all started out innocently enough.  Someone gave me four tickets to a Dayton Dragons game.  I texted Jonathan Steingass and asked if he and a couple friends wanted to go with me.  He called up Donnie Whyte and Michael Melko.  We gathered at Jonathan's house at three to go to the four o'clock game, but boy was it hot outside.  We decided to relax a bit before taking off so we wouldn't have to wait too long in the hot sun for the game to start.

Then, after a few minutes, one of the guys said "it sure looks like it's gonna rain".  And sure enough, it did start raining......and lightning.....and raining.......and lightning......well, you get the idea.  We waited at Jonathan's house for quite some time watching Phineas and Ferb cartoons.  Finally, it slowed and we all hopped into my car with the hope the game would start soon.

But the game wasn't starting anytime soon and Melko was hungry.  We talked "extensively" about where to eat before finally arriving at Penn Station.  How great to look on their walls and see Megan Wright's picture as one of the Penn Station athletes of the week.  Too bad a black electrical chord was covering her face.  It seems like that was sacriligious or something to us XC folks!  I tried to move it out of the way but to no avail.  We decided to come back on another day with duct tape to remedy the situation.

Penn Station food was pretty good but their service (and spelling) was not as sharp.  Who is Mikeal?  Oh, that was Melko.  And Donyea?  They must have been trying for Donnie.  The good news is they got Jon right but then they kept calling me Donyea.  Oh well, we finally got our food and were out of there after one final salute to Megan's picture.

After checking the radio, we heard the game still was on delay so Jonathan yelled "let's have a car adventure".  Next thing we knew we were cruising around Oakwood.  Now, what are we supposed to look at in Oakwood...."Frankenstein's Castle" yelled Jonathan.  How do we get there?  "I can only find it in the dark" yelled Jonathan.  Donnie (or Donyea) checked it out on the internet and there really is a place in Oakwood called Frankenstein's Castle, and it is supposedly haunted.  After 20 minutes of exploring we finally found the place but it was all cemented up.  After a bit, some young hooligans were spotted trying to break in and then throwing rocks at the cemented front door.  When their arms were tired we noticed the rain had stopped so we loaded back into the car to go to the game.  Can you believe it, before we left the park area we encountered four deer!

We got there by the third inning and saw the Dragons handle the Burlington Bees by a 7-1 final score.  This was the first time Melko has ever seen Dayton win a game.  Some highlights of the game were a near fight, expensive food and Birdzerk, a mascot who did lots of fun stuff in between innings.  The guys seemed to enjoy Birdzerk's two person dog routine the best.  Donnie encouraged the near altercation by yelling "fight, fight". 

After worrying about sitting through a hot game we ended up with a very nice evening.  It seemed like a perfect night until I realized my cell phone was gone.  We were on the highway and nearly out of Dayton at the time so we made a quick turn and went right back to the stadium.  Thankfully, it was right where I left it.....in a cup holder.  Rain, lightning, Megan's picture, Frankenstein's Castle, deer, dragons, Birdzerk and a found phone.  It was a perfect day for a perfect adventure after all.

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