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nicknames - updated yet again!!!

Posted Wednesday, August 17, 2011 by Mike Hout
So many new names so little time.  I am getting closer to having a nickname for everyone...........
The best one of the day is in honor of our Annies.  It is a new country rock group called the "Pistol Annies"
Michael Melko - some call him "cookie dough" Melko
Quentin Mullen - most just call him Q but he might be open to some new ones!
Josh Myers - put the clamp on them, pliers myers - oncewrestledabear 
Elliott Zech - EZ or how about Mr. Excitement?  People recently told me to try Microsoft Elliott
Josh "dancin" Sensenbaugh - or simply sensei
Clark Campbell - spike or superman
Corey Dillon - glory Corey or CD
Curtis Carmack - red or how about CC?
Brian Mee - Mr. Mee.....or maybe Mr. Yo?
Cole Supp - superman or "tsupp" (short for what's up)
Cody Callison - another CC?
Josh Boxer is boxer - that was a tough one
Wade Oster - the Osterizer
Matt Coggshall - Matt me box
Billy Scheid - Cousin Billy
Austin Cassidy - creekman
Colin Scully - Scully?  rockin' colin
Noah and Ethan Leighton - it is still too hard for me to tell them apart to figure out nicknames (although Noah is taller and has
   longer hair - Ethan has shorter hair)
Bailey England - another Brit?
Daniel Henson - slime - worm (does a good worm pushup) also likes Roscoe the dog
Nick Ferrara - Ferrari
Chris Felts says he is Chocolate Rain but only in track season
Brandon Tollett - currently injured so we will be gentle with him for now
Jake Knox - hard knocks?
Nathan Myers - some say "Noah" and some others say "Nate Dog" or put it all together and he is N to the third

Jordan Townley - JT......I like to call her "sticker".......loves her mint gum (gumby?)
Brittany Fourman - Bieber or little Brit
Brittany Sumner - big Brit.....BB?
Stephanie Mee - it's all about mee
Stephanie Jensen - stepho
Jayme Mettle - neon but I like the nickname "pushup".  She says to call her Velosa Raptor
Malkat - Mallory Stanhouse
Hannah Stanhouse - she is not a full time runner so we are kinder to her
Anna Flores - T-Rex (I love that)
Rachel Flores - rachel apple but just found out teradacty rhymes with Rachell
Michelle Pressell - pretzel
Kristina ballerina Steingass
Grace face Steingass
Lydia Berry - twizzler
Jackie Richardson - snickers
Nicole Ayers - throat?  how about oxygen (air...ayre!)
Kanisha Patel - KP or Kimpossible
Kennedy Peters - the prez
Angelica Mullen - Angie - we can do better than that!
Lexie Williams - flexy lexi?
Loren Patak - Patty Cake
Rachel Hamlett - shakespeare, someone else said "ham and cheese"
Danielle Seni - sunshine..........and when Rachel and Dani are together they say they are "sunny side up"
Ayanna Pringle - five, sub 60 (after Monday maybe we should call her scratch......but who is itch?)
Heather Francis - feather
Annie Sickinger - there cannot possibly be any nicknames come from her name!!!
Annie Peters - annieconda..........and when the two Annies are together they should be the country rock group Pistol Annies
Aileen Wada - Azar

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