Miamisburg Invitational - another hot one! Thanks Dayton Daily News for the great article

Posted Saturday, September 03, 2011 by Mike Hout
The day wasn't so bad for the beginning of the girls race at 9am.  But things heated up quickly and by the boys varsity race people were really starting to overheat.  The boys JV race was downright hot and the times reflected it.  It was hard to watch the middle school kids struggle through the high temperatures and I finally had to leave after overheating by just watching others run!

Both the boys and girls varsity teams looked pretty good.  They both nearly won but lost to some nice squads from Oakwood.  The big surprise for the girls was Jackie Richardson who finished strongly over the last half mile.  She not only ran #5 for the team but she also got herself a nice medal.  On the boys side the big surprise was Josh Sensenbaugh who ran well throughout the race and finished as our #3 runner despite overheating at the end and spending quite a bit of time trying to cool down on the shaded picnic shelter cement.

A highlight of the day was being able to share some old pictures and articles about the 1986 girls team.  They are the only squad in Miamisburg girls history to win a league championship.  It was great to have lots of information about that in a program along with info. about our current team.  Hope you got a copy and liked what you saw.

Read more about all the individuals on the squad at:

Oh, and here is some of what was in the Sunday Dayton Daily News:
Jills' Kennedy, Fairborn's Redd capture individual victories.

Oakwood cross country coach Brian Ammer admits his runners sometimes get a little intimidated by the site of Division I teams on the course with them.  On Saturday, however, the Lumberjacks and Jills battled through the heat, their psyche and a revamped course to sweep the team titles in both the boys and girls races at the Miamisburg Invitational.

"We had a great day," Ammer said.  "I was proud to see how they got out in the heat and do as well as they did.  I couldn't be happier with them."  The Jills had a fierce battle with host MIamisburg for the top spot, claiming the title by just four points in a race where the Vikings seventh runner finished before Oakwood's fifth runner.  The boys had a little more breathing room, claiming a 42-57 win over the Vikings.

"It shows that all places matter," Ammer said.  "Everyone is critical.  The fifth, sixth and seventh runners are just as important as the first, second and third runner.  Everyone stepped up and did what they were supposed to do and filled their role."  When Oakwood sophomore Erin Kennedy was toiling in the summer sun pounding out miles, she was eyeing an improved path through the 2011 season.  Kennedy - who finished sixth last year at Miamisburg - surged past the Viking duo of Jayme Metle and Jordan Townsley to take the girls varsity race in 20:18, eight seconds ahead of Mettle.  "She was pacing of mee, saving up her energy for the end," Mettle said.  "Then, she just started kicking it."

For Kennedy, it was just as she had scripted the race.  "I decided to trail her the whole time and see what happened," Kennedy said.  Senior Kathering Anderson was fourth for Oakwood, Noelle Kipp fifth and Kelsey Rieger ninth to help Oakwood claim a 39-43 advantage for the title.

Despite the second-place finish, Miamisburg coach Jenny Schoenberger is excited for the future.  Mettle, Anna Flores, Rachel Flores and Annie Peters are all freshmen while Townsley is a sophomore.  "Talk about a youth movement," Schoenberger said.  "The next three years are huge for us.  It is exciting.  We went freshman, sophomore, freshman, freshman - that's pretty good and these kids love to run.  They are dedicated to cross country and running and I think we are going to continue to grow and get better and better." 

It was just another training run for Fairborn's Jordan Redd in the boys race.  Redd broke away from Miamisburg's Michael Melko at the mile marker and cruised to the title in 16:23, 36 seconds ahead of Melko.  "I'm happy to win, but my time was mediocre," said Redd, who has been battling an illness for over a week.  For Redd, it is all training for the Mid-West Classic in Columbus where some of the top runners in the country will be in the field.  "The first few weeks we are just training through them and turning them into workouts," Redd said.  "I just wanted to work on maintaining and increasing; I was throwing surges in there to work on building a gap on people."

Boys Team Results: 1. Oakwood 42;  2. Miamisburg 57;  3. Centerville 75;  4 Chaminade Julienne 140;  5 Kenton Ridge 145;  6. West Carrollton 185;  7. Wilmington 196;  8. Waynesville 215;  9. Franklin 259;  10. Fairborn 265;  11. Wayne 283;  12. Carlisle 343  13. Monroe 355

Top Individuals: 1. Redd (Fa) 16:23.0  2. Melko (Mia) 16:59.0  3. Mullen (Mia) 17:12.0  4. Swank (Wil) 17:14.0  5. Randall (Oak) 17:32.0  6. Murakami (Ce) 17:39.0  7. Snead (Oak) 17:40.0  8. Sartoris (WC) 17:50.0  9. Beyer (Oak) 18:00.0  10. Redden (Oak) 18:03.0

Girls Team Results: 1. Oakwood 39;  2. Miamisburg 43;  3. Kenton Ridge 89  4. Wayne 112;  5. Chaminade Julienne 137;  6. Monroe 168;  7. Wilmington 170;  8. Fairborn;  9. Bethel 247

Top Individuals: 1. Kennedy (Oak) 20:18.0  2. Mettle (Mia) 20:26.0  3. Townsley (Mia) 20:36.0  4. Anderson (Oak) 20:40.0  5. Kipp (Oak) 21:13.0  6. Hopwood (W) 21:24  7. Kitchen (KR) 21:37.0  8. Flores (Mia) 22:01.0  9. Rieger (Oak) 22:08.0  10. DeLong (Wa) 22:13.0