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Troy Invitational with some ribbons, trophies and a surprise plaque?

Posted Sunday, September 25, 2011 by Mike Hout
On the 24th of October I woke up and wondered "who wants to drive up to Troy for a cross-country meet"?  The weather was gloomy with lots of fog.  My muscles ached.  My eyelids wanted to stay shut for a few more hours.  Plus, I had to help organize and officiate at a wedding in the afternoon.  Yet, I thought of all the dedicated Burg runners who were already on the bus and headed to Trojan land.  So I hurried to get ready and hit the road.

There certainly was a lot of fog and there was some intermittant rain down by the river in downtown Troy, which made for a muddy trail in some spots.  We also had a new course to contend with, which made perfect sense when I saw the old bridge (that we used to run under) totally gone.  I quickly perked up when I saw the pack of boy runners headed my way with Michael Melko and Quentin Mullen running one/two!  A minute or so later they passed the mile mark still in the top positions and giving Miamisburg a good start on a low score.  Sadly, there was a bit too much of a gap before the rest of the Viking runners.  Kings fit their entire top seven in that gap!  The good news is that that the M and M duo continued to have a good race and finished 3rd and 4th for Miamisburg, earning two nice litle trophies.  The less than great news is that the rest of the team was not able to close that gap and we finished in sixth position as a team.

We quickly made our way down to the start for the girls race.  Jayme Mettle was so anxious to blow her nose she gladly accepted a bank receipt from Pastor Hout to do the deed.  After the gun went off and as the girls came back our way toward the mile marker, I looked closely for some good Melko/Mullen running signs.  Lebanon's top runners were making sure that the Burg was not one and two but it was obvious that Jordan Townsley and Jayme Mettle were hanging in there near the front.  Better yet, we had a pack of girls not far from them.  We were able to see our girls go by us on several occasions and they continued to hold their positions.  As they approached the finish, it appeared that their times were not going to match those at the Alliance Invitational but something else was happening.  Our pack of runners number three through seven were closing hard and looked to be in good position at the finish.  A short time later they were announcing final scores and we looked at each other with a smile when they said Oakwood was 4th.  When they stated Kings was 3rd we perked up even more.  As Miamisburg was announced as the #2 team at the meet we let out a big hollar.  How exciting to get a nice plaque and see the girls posing on stage for a picture. 

I am so glad I got up, after all, and drove up to that meet in Troy.  Good work runners and special congratulations to the girls team on their runner-up award!

Here are the final results:


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