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Centerville Stampede and a Dagnabbit!!!

Posted Saturday, October 08, 2011 by Mike Hout
The good news is.....we have quick results from the Centerville Stampede.  The bad news is..... I can't make any snide comments about Centerville.  The cross-country coach for Centerville reads our site!  He came up to me and congratulated me on having such a nice website.  Thanks.  But heck, how could it not be nice with all the good stuff out there to write about with our Miamisburg squads?

Weather, once again, played a big factor in the day.  I came home with a significant sunburn.  What's new?  I am a redhead....well, a former red head.  Quit laughing.  I felt bad for the runners who had to perform in the heat and the bright sunshine.  It was a factor but at least it wasn't wet and muddy like some other years on the course.

Big kudos to Stephanie Mee who took control of her race and finished first.  Congrats, again, go to Annie Peters as she also took control of her race and nearly pulled off a big upset before a pack of Centerville girls hauled her in over the last mile.  Due to the homecoming dance, we had a number of girls choose not to run in order to get ready.  When the varsity girls race took off, we only had two runners.  Happily, when the boys race took off we had a full group in our starting area.  Sadly, the boys did not perform as they wanted and were nosed out by Lebanon.  Is this the first time in two years that a team from the GWOC south has beaten the boys team in xc?  We will try to turn that result around next week at the league meet.

How nice to be able to stop at Chipotle for a healthy meal before the meet.  How nice to be able to stop at Chipotle for some ice and a soda to cool down after the races.  You may laugh, but there were people there from at least four teams...Greenville, Ursuline, Centerville and Miamisburg (of course).  When I was about ready to leave the Oak Hills bus pulled up and a bunch of boys ran to the Chipotle line.  Ahhh....more fans! 

Below are the results from the Centerville Stampede.  Nice work, Centerville cross-country (see, I'm trying to be nice).

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