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Regional results and observations

Posted Saturday, October 29, 2011 by Mike Hout
The girls team gave it their best shot.  Our two boy qualifiers gave it their best shot.  The truth is, we live in a very competitive area for distance runners and this regional cross country meet is very very tough.

Troy is a hard place to run, not because of the course, but because of the tremendous runners from the Dayton/Cincinnati area.  It was the last race for Stephanie Mee and Michael Melko.  We will miss them.  But seven others who competed at the regionals will be back and they are already making plans on how to improve.  Look out everyone!  Miamisburg distance runners are on the move.  We look forward to following all the action here at award winning miamisburgcoedcrosscountry.com.  Many thanks to all who have followed our runners and the results on this website...especially Jayme Mettle's mom.  I appreciate your kind comments.

As the boys lined up for the start of their race I noticed a familiar face in the chute next to us.  It was the Anderson High School coach, Mr. Wolf.  He was the meet organizer for a series of summer track meets back in the early 90's and he cleared the way for me to juggle while running hurdles against the other athletes.  I thanked him for his efforts on my behalf which allowed me to break the Guinness record for the 110 meter hurdles whilst juggling.  His two athletes then went on to qualify for the state meet and his #1 runner (Nick Vogele) won the regionals!

I have a new hero.  Actually, a heroine as her name is Grace Untener.  She fell with 100 meters to go.  She got up, took a few steps and fell again.  This went on for a minute and a half as she fell forwards, to the left, to the right and once even fell flat on her back.  She ended up crawling across the finish.  What drama!  I walked away with tears in my eyes.  The local paper had this to say "The most dramatic finish of the afternoon belonged to Alter senior Grace Untener.  With about 100 yards to go, Untener's legs gave out on her coming over the final hill and she collapsed nearly a half dozen times after taking no more than a step or two toward the line.  After several grueling minues -she would have been disqualified if anyone had helped her cross the line- Untener crawled across the finish for 76th overall.  "I'm not much of a sprinter so sometimes the faster parts of the races, they're not my strength," Untener said of going all out at regional.  "You want to jump out there and pick her up," Coach Davalos said, "but she's killed me if I'd done that."
After our girls ran and I spent a few moments with them at the camp, I had to hustle off to the starting line to be with a team I coached back in 1976.  Columbus Academy boys won their district meet and ended over at Troy for the regionals.  How great to meet the runners and cheer them on again, 35 years later.  Interestingly enough, their coach is one of the runners I coached on that 1976 team!  Their top runner ended up fourth that day and made it to the state meet.  They were a kind a gracious group and invited me to be in their team picture for the day.  That sure felt great.  The biggest news of the day, though, was that their girls team stunned everyone and finished fourth to qualify for the state meet for the first time in school history.  There weren't even any girls allowed in the all boy school back in 1976!!! 

Wow, was I hungry when it was all the races were over.  I headed down to the nearest Chipotle, just south of the Route 70 exit.  Guess who was in there?  The Mariemont cross-country team.  If you haven't heard of them, that's OK. because they haven't heard of Miamisburg.  But they had something in the middle of their table that we would love to have.  All the boys were all gathered around their regional championship trophy for Division III.  It was great to eat next to them and hear some of their stories.  What an honor to be able to congratulate them and shake their hands as they left.

Here are the girls results:

Here are the boys results:

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