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Turkey Trot sightings

Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2011 by Mike Hout
I just came back from the Farmers and Merchants Bank.  It was crazy around there today because of all the people getting their packets for the 2011 Turkey Trot.  None were signing up.  I know that because the registration has been closed for over a week.  That was when my wife tried to register and found out she was too late!  Rats.....because she is running well and would have placed well in her age category.  She will be a renegade runner this year and I will be a renegade walker/cheerer going around the course to see who I can see.

Today as I was leaving the bank I saw Michael Melko and a certain young college runner from the Patriots.  That would be Donnie Whyte from the University of the Cumberlands.  Wonder who else I will see in the coming hours?

I now have the answer to that last question.  Lots of people!  This Turkey Trot is becoming quite the place to hang out and catch up with friends and acquaintances.  When the lead runners came by (the guy in first was wearing an Alter jersey) ninth place was inhabited by Mr. Cumberlands.  Donnie was flying.  I am anxious to hear his final time.  Michael Melko was in 17th overall and in 19th was West Carrollton's top runner, Stevie Sartorius.  He is improving rapidly.  I saw him after the race and he said he was pretty dead because he went out too fast......in a 5:05 first mile!  Megan Wright was one of the top women.  It was good to see her running after an injury.  Sam Condron wasn't too far behind her.  Things started getting crazier with hundreds of people going by me including Cody Callison, Clark Campbell and Noah Leighton.  I didn't see Ethan during the race but I chatted with him afterwards along with Matt Coggshall.  Kennedy Peters looked like she was running well when I saw her.  I assume her sister Annie was there also.  I also saw Stephanie Mee with her dad, Brittany Sumner, Annie Sickinger, Anna Flores and Rachel Flores (next to my wife).  Cross-country alums Joel Friedly and Lauren Lunsford were also in the race.  At the end of the race I had a chance to say hi and talk with Lauren's dad.

Who did I miss?

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