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Zak Kruer runs a 6:00 1500 but somehow makes it to nationals!

Posted Sunday, July 08, 2012 by Mike Hout
This is not your typical cross country article but it does have some distance running news in it.  How does one qualify for the nationals by running a six minute 1500.  It sounds impossible......unless you do it in a decathlon!

Zak Kruer completed two long days and ten events in the extreme heat at Cedarville College right after the fourth of July.  It was a difficult time but it was well worth it when he qualified for the Junior Olympics nationals to be held in Baltimore at the end of the month.  His running events went well, except for the 1500 which was held in the afternoon sun.  His throwing events went better than expected.  His jumping events were OK, especially the pole vault.  After clearing 14-0 he took the lead for a short time.  Then came the javelin.  He threw better than what he had done in practice but it still was a new event for him and he slipped back to second which he was able to hold during the 1500.  Ironically, one of his best events was one where he lost the most points.  His long jump has been a good event all year for him but he ended up with two fouls and only one legal jump on the Cedarville runway.

Kruer often brags about his five minute mile in gym class.  If he is in the hunt at the nationals, it will be interesting to see what he can do with a national placing on the line.

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