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GWOC championships - not our best day!

Posted Monday, October 15, 2012 by Mike Hout
It was hard to watch as our hard working crew was unable to come up with their best performances of the year at the moment that counted the most.  We did have a number of all conference runners like first teamers Jordan Townsley and Quentin Mullen.  We had second team all-conference runners in Jayme Metter, Anna Flores and Rachel Flores on the girls side.  The boys had Curtis Carmack and Elliot Zech.  But despite everything, we left Lebanon feeling like we did not show up the way we wanted to.
We will hope for better results this weekend at the Districts.

The Centerville coach said he regularly checks our website.  Thanks, coach!  He also said we need to write more.  I always am able to write more but I have been hoping to post more input from the runners.  Well, here goes: some more comments about the meet:

The GWOC is one amazing conference.  We are fortunate to be a part of it.  Twice a year we see how great this collection of schools is.  How great to have them all together for an awesome track meet in the spring.  And how wonderful to have them all together for a terrific cross-country meet in the fall.  This is one special group of schools and people.

Quentin Mullen has trained hard and consistently.  He almost pulled off runner of the year for GWOC south.

Jordan Townsley also has trained hard and consistently.  It is too bad that she in in the same division as amazing competitors like Jacquelyn Crow and Rachael Mahle.  Jordan would have won GWOC north.

A group of Lebanon runners came over to our girls at the starting line and tried to talk like they were going from squad to squad meeting and greeting the runners.  Then they asked who were Anna and Rachel Flores.  When they found out, they suddenly were not interested in meeting any other teams.  It was a little awkward moment of scouting out another team and Coach Jenny used the moment to remind our girls about how other schools were aiming at us and out to beat us!

Don't ever bring a dog to a cross-country meet.  Some people think this is just another day in the park.  It is not.  It is serious and intense competition.  One person had not one but two dogs before the meet and when they were told they could not have them there they tried to say they were "therapy" dogs.  Therapy or not, no dogs at cross-country meets!

I saw one boy with clown makeup coming my way in one of the races.  When he got closer I realized he did not have red clown makeup on.  It was blood.......and it totally covered a large portion of his face!

One girl near the end of the JV race did a cartwheel over the finish line.  It seemed to work out OK but only because no other runners were around here when she finished.  Wonder how quickly she would have gotten a DQ if she did that and knocked over other runners?   

I was shocked to see that only six teams (two in each division) had enough JV girl runners to have a team score .  That meant that an awful lot of schools barely had enough for a varsity team.  And of course, there were a number of schools who did not have full varsity squads for their girls.  That list included Trotwood, Springfield, Xenia and West Carrollton.  The JV race was mostly Centerville and Beavercreek runners with some Miamisburg, Springboro, Troy and Greenville runners thrown in.

It was also sad to see that Trotwood and Springfield did not have full teams for their varsity boys.  There were a few more boys teams than girls teams with scoring reserve squads but we still missed seeing more runners from West Carrollton, Fairborn, Sidney, Piqua and Northmont (of all places!)

As much as we love to hate Centerville because of proximity, they do one fine and fantastic job with their distance runners.  Good job, coach!

Here are the full meet results:


And here is our oh.milesplit webpage with results for every runner:


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