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Awards banquet was great (as always)

Posted Sunday, November 04, 2012 by Mike Hout
You can ask anyone.  They will tell you how the cross-country banquet is always a great evening of food and awards.  One family I was talking to said "We have been to a lot of these award banquets for many sports.  None of them do it like track and cross country.  They have it down to a science."

Here is what I saw.  Tables and tables lined up loaded with food.  Smiling athletes and parents and brothers and sisters.  Wonderful conversations.  Caring and hard working coaches.  This is the kind of a place where a community leader like myself should be.  This is the kind of a place where an old runner like myself should be.  What a special night.

Some things were not surprising.  Coach Jenny cried.  Coach J joked.  The most valuable awards were also not a surprise.   Congratulations to Jordan Townsley and Quentin Mullen for their MVP trophies.  Many other awards were given.  One of the special ones was the "miles to Afganistan" award given to all the runners in support of the troops.  

Special thanks to all the athletes for the nice gifts to the coaches.  They are so correct when they say this is a special group of people.  This writer would like to especially say thanks for the kind and meaningful standing ovation given by the athletes.  I will remember it always.

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