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Turkey Trot sightings

Posted Thursday, November 22, 2012 by Mike Hout
Lots and lots and lots of people at the 2012 Miamisburg Turkey Trot.  Is this the biggest turkey trot in the world?  It has to be.

I walked the first mile and then went back cheering on the runners (I didn't want to slow down my unicycle/juggling training) and saw lots of familiar faces.  It looked to me like Curtis Carmack was the best finisher of all the current Miamisburg XC runners and alumni.  Quentin Mullen was spotted not far from his friend from West Carrollton Stevie Sartoris (who will be going to college with Donnie Whyte).  Michael Melko was moving well, considering he hasn't been running (as he told me at the end).  Corey Dillon and Travis Siler ran together.  I also saw Jack Lintz, long time coach from Northmont.  Carly Hamilton was back and looked good, like always.  Two other Springboro runners I saw were Rachael Mahle and Lycia Hollon.  Several other Burg xc alums seen together were Joel Friedley, Michael Jackowski, Greg Pelfrey and Chris Vanderhorst.  Of course, you can't spell Pelfrey without PR.  And the laugh of the day was seeing the back of Joel's t-shirt which had a magnifying glass on it (which reminded me of the time he got in trouble for using one at practice to burn a t-shirt).  Matt Coggshall, Elliott Zech and Austin Cassidy were all together.  Bailey England almost got by me before I yelled at him while he was running away.  Clark Campbell and Cody Callison were also in the race having a good time.  Jordan Townsley was running near two other all time greats, Lauren Lunsford and Sam Condron.  Emily Flores was there with her mom cheering everyone on and waiting for Anna and Rachel.  I missed Michelle Pressel running but I saw her and her mom at the end with all the Flores family.

That is 22 current and former Miamisburg XC runners at the 2012 Turkey Trot.  Who did I miss?

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