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top xc marks in school history -a giant list!!!

Posted Wednesday, August 05, 2015 by Mike Hout
Is Pastor Mike Hout a good supporter of Miamisburg Cross-Country or what?  He spent lots of time this summer typing more and more and more on the all-time xc list and now has the top 100 boys and top 100 girls all time on this site.  This will make it very easy to pull up the marks at meets and say to our runners: "Look!  See how many people you just moved ahead of with that amazing race."

The real thanks for this list goes to Mark Becker who has done a fantastic job of keeping our cross-country records.  Really, all Hout has to do is type in the names.  Hout just wanted to blow his own horn for a bit.  The real horn blowing should go to Mark Becker.

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